Phase 1 and 2 WorkCenter Implementation Complete-Check!!

With the exception of one (or two) franchises, our trainership has been trained and fully converted onto WorkCenter!!  Let the weather events begin!!  Now, that’s not to say it has all been smooth sailing.  For the most part it has been, but as in life, bumps in the road appear once in a while.  Most franchises have worked through the bumps and continue to use WorkCenter.  A many of you have heard me say, in my previous life, I told clients to give new programs or software 30 days.  Most things and processes become a lot easier after the repetition.

Now that I have gotten back on line with the blog( you have no idea-right, Lindsay?), I will be trying to address issues that have come to me from the franchises.  If I hear the same questions from multiple franchises, I will clarify here. Most franchises have been following our advice and calling here with questions instead of 1800.  Most of the time I have been able to help the franchise in a lot less time than calling Corporate would entail.  I admit to being stumped every in a while-ok,once or twice a week-but at that point I have my arsenal of secret weapons-unpublished telephone numbers-to help us through!!

Catch you next time!!