Unlike DryBook Desktop, which only allowed us to enter air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture meters, ANY asset that the franchise owns can be added to WorkCenter Office.  This includes any vehicles, specialty drying equipment, office furniture-anything that you would like to track.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that any other type of equipment can be used in DryBook, but at least you will have an inventory of everything!!

That being said, adding equipment is a lot easier in WorkCenter but you may think you can’t do it.  Such was the case today when I tried to add an air scrubber.  A red triangle appeared and my immediate thought was that it wasn’t going to let me add the piece of equipment.  However, I hovered over the message and read it.  It was a warning that this equipment was not available in DryBook.  I was adding an air scrubber. Air scrubbers can not be used in DryBook, but I could add the model with Amp information and CFM’s and I was good to go.  So slow down and make sure you read!!