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The beauty of hosting a blog is that I can post when it is necessary and even bring in “guest bloggers” when they can say it better than I!  Such is the case today.  Andrea Necci, a Franchise Business Consultant from Servpro of The Fingerlakes, has put together the following regarding cancelling jobs in WorkCenter. Complete with color pictures to aid in cancelling.  We have had a lot of questions regarding cancelling jobs and how to , where to and the like.   If the job came through Xactimate, in WorkCenter you can change the job status from active to cancelled and click the save button.  You must then cancel the job in the Active Jobs Management Monitor.

Andreas’s guest blogging……        The Exhibits that Andrea is referring to will appear if you click on the words BlogPost at the end of the post

Now let’s talk about how to cancel the direct jobs that come from corporate.  These are the ‘self pay’ jobs or any job that comes into SERVPRO Corporate that is not an insurance company that has an agreement with SERVPRO.  These will say that the program for these jobs is “ScanER XL” versus XACT.

The quickest way to see what jobs you have open from SERVPRO Corporate and what program they are in, would be under “Manage Active Claims”.  You can find this on SERVPROnet or there is a direct link on WorkCenter.  See attached photo ‘Exhibit A’.  You can now see all of your jobs from SERVPRO on the AJMM as well but Manage Active Claims is just a quick down and dirty list.  You can’t do much on this page except print the FNOL and see the customer name and program.

This list will show all jobs that came through Corporate and the estimating program.  The 3 programs would be: XACT, ScanER XL, or Xact no feed (meaning to use Xact but didn’t send an assignment through Xact).  See attached photo ‘Exhibit B’.

So to cancel that ScanER XL job:

  1. You need to open up that customer’s job, and change the job status from Active to Canceled.  See attached photo ‘Exhibit C.’
  2. Once you switch it to cancelled, and press save, a window will pop up and say that it will automatically upload this job as cancelled to SERVPRO Corporate.  Say yes to this and it will go through the motions of uploading the job file.  ***This was put in place by IT a few weeks ago to fix the problem of franchisees marking jobs as cancelled but not getting uploaded to Corporate.  But I have learned, this actually does not upload the job to corporate.  It just appears that way.  They were unaware of that until I told them today.  So hopefully every step beyond this one, will be null and void very soon!***
  3. Now that the job shows that it is cancelled in your work center, go to the triangle icon on the left side of the screen, which is 2 icons above the job status  check mark.  This is where you do your uploads.  Select the daily upload option, the middle one.  And click, ‘upload’.  See attached photo ‘exhibit D’.

When you do cancel a job and it reaches SERVPRO as canceled, the ‘manage active claims’ page and AJMM will immediately reflect that, if the cancelation is done correctly.


Hope this has helped clear up some of the confusion!  Keep in mind that WCO and WCM are in a constant state of change now.  The Release notes will help to keep you informed of all the changes.