Marketing Referrals

BBBI have been asked, how does a new job get tied to the correct SMR?  The answer is by the referral source on the Contact Information tab of the FNOL.  In the upper right hand corner, there is the Referral Name box.  Enter the contact name(not Business) in the Referral Name box and this will tie the job to the correct SMR if the contact is in the WCM database and the KPI(Key Performance Index) has been set up correctly.  The referral will be credited on the QuickBooks invoice if the SMR initials are entered in the WCM KPI page.  Enter the initials that will be used in QB(i.e. BF for Bob Feller). This DOES NOT mean that your SMR will have access to QB.  If you track invoices for commission purposes, this will attribute the job to the right SMR.  Even if the initials are not entered in QB upon creation of the invoice, WCO will send the initials back to QB after the invoice is imported to the job file.  This will not happen if the SMR initials are not in the KPI page of WCM.

As always, you know where to find me with any questions!