Initial Inspection-Your New Best Friend

Lately, the audit department has been getting a few complaints from franchises getting “dinged” for drying time.  If a franchise cannot get access to the loss for reasons that are beyond their control, there are things that can be done to minimize or even eliminate the penalties received.  I teach in my DryBook classes the value of answering the questions on the initial inspection tab correctly.  If a homeowner is unavailable for any reason, i.e. being out of town, as long as that is noted, the drying clock stops.  In fact, the job goes from the Standard Water job bucket to the Non Standard Water bucket.  This will mean that if the job is not dry in the normal 4 days, you shouldn’t lose points.  The initial Inspection page has a variety of questions that should help with Non Standard Water jobs. There is a question dealing with amount of mold, a question regarding pack out time needed, demolition time needed, etc.  Worth taking a look at and reminding whomever does the Day 1  paperwork to look carefully to see if any of the questions apply.  When I remind franchises of this page, there is a look of “OMG I didn’t know this existed”.  It will be very beneficial to know this information when our next winter Armageddon arrives next month.  A word of caution, too.  Servpro Industries will take notice if there are too many exceptions all of a sudden.  These questions are NOT to be used if a franchise gets overwhelmed with work and simply can’t get to the job with in the 1-4-8 time frame.  They should only be used if they truly apply.  Of course in a storm situation, most of the time SLA’s are adjusted.

Unfortunately, too often the franchise will realize these questions are here after the job is completed and the job has received a score below 75%.  The time to use these questions is BEFORE the final upload.  Our audit department cannot help after the final audit.

 As always, think of working smarter, not harder.