Judging by the emails, phone calls, and questions I have been getting, franchises are using WorkCenter. Although I do keep the emails to answer, a lot of questions have been answered and those I can’t answer  get collected for a phone call to Corporate.  Sometimes the questions can be answered procedurally. Other times, an enhancement will be requested. What I have noticed about WorkCenter is that it is job centric versus customer centric, the way ManagER Red was set up.  This has caused franchises to be a little bit more thoughtful when entering jobs.

 WorkCenter Marketing is taking a bit to navigate.  If your franchise doesn’t use the traditional route system, SMR’s and SMM’s can still enter contacts and business as well as visit notes.  Using the functionality within Marketing, you can still keep up with your contacts.  Even a Commercial Marketer can use WorkCenter.  Non- traditional routes can be accommodated. 

 Remember, check the release notes often (orange lettering-there is something new since the last SSO sign on; green means same as last sign in).  Changes and enhancements are implemented at least every 2 weeks, if not weekly.   Something that wasn’t there can simply show up and unless you have read about it, you will be simply wasting your time trying to figure it out! 

 My mantra, as always-work smarter not harder!