Oh boy!!!

My week has been quite exciting.  I saw the launch of a pilot program yesterday that many franchises are eagerly awaiting.  I saw the launch of the DryBook and Xactimate integration!  It is being beta tested now and will be released soon with DryBook version 2.  The integration means that there will be no more duplicate entry required!  The line items that you choose for DryBook will be passed over to Xactimate in the estimate!  As I have said in the past, DryBook is designed to be used in the field.  If the franchises use DryBook as it is intended, oh the places they will go (with thanks to Dr. Seuss for that line!).  I saw production workers being trained for an hour or so and then go into the field and use the product.  With success!!

I also saw a demo of WorkCenter Marketing Mobile.  Wow!  Was I impressed with the speed-which happens to be the number one complaint from those SMR’s using WorkCenter Marketing.  This product is an app which is why the speed is so fantastic.  It is designed to be used with an iPhone or an iPad.  Even if used on the iPad, the speed is still lightning fast.  This is because it is an app, not a web based product. The SMR will not be at the mercy of internet speed.  Some work will still get done in the web-based WorkCenter, but the bulk of the day can be spent using the app. Hopefully, this app will encourage more SMR’s to complete their sales calls on the go!