Searching and Avoiding

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes more is not always better.  This is exactly the case in WorkCenter Office.  Last year we had so many training classes for office and I showed the videos that Spencer recorded to go along with the Ashley Jenkins scenario.  I even watched the videos with you-for the most part!  Fast forward a few months and now there are questions regarding duplicate Contacts and how to delete from WCO.  Unfortunately, no contacts can be deleted from WCO.  But, even as I watched the videos last year, I took something new from each viewing.  Such was the case when I held a class a few weeks ago.  When searching for a new contact, Spencer mentioned entering the first 3 letters of the first or last name.  I know that my habit has been to type until I see the search box.  Trouble with that method is that if you type more than 3 letters, the box flashes on the screen and is gone- in a flash (!).  

So, to avoid possible duplicates, try the 3 letter rule and hopefully that will cut down on the number.

I have also been hearing questions about the search in WCM.  Instead of using the search box in the upper right hand corner, which according to the latest documentation I have will only allow to search a contact, try using the filters on the Business name column.  I have had much more success using that search method.  Any tips or tricks you have discovered, pass them along-I will put them here so all can be knowledgeable!