Local job vs Dispatch Job

Quite often a job will begin locally and then a few days (okay, maybe weeks) later, the job will be dispatched to the franchise from the Call Center and appears in WorkCenter.  What to do??  We actually had the same issue with DryBook.  Our advice then was to keep your local job, make sure the claim number is exactly the same and disregard the dispatch job.  The primary reason for this advice was to preserve the date and time stamps.  As most franchises have figured out, date and time stamps cannot be adjusted in WCO either.  So, the advice is similar.  Keep the local job and use it for reporting purposes.  If a job gets dispatched after getting it started locally, keep the local.  Make sure the claim number is the same and attach the right DryBook to the Xactimate job.  A job WILL get created in WCO and DryBook mobile.  If a job was uploaded through ScanER, it will be uploaded through WorkCenter.  If it is an XactAnalysis job it will be uploaded thru Xactimate.  If a job needs to be cancelled, make sure it is cancelled in the correct place.  A job that is cancelled in WCO, but came through XactAnalysis will still need to be cancelled in XactAnalysis.  Only WCO and Drybook will be affected by a cancellation in WCO.

As a side note, just a friendly reminder to clean up old WCO jobs.  Many of the active jobs in DryBook came over to WCO during the conversion process.  Because the job had not been marked complete in DryBook, it automatically came to WCO.  So, if the job has been completed, mark it so in WCO and it will disappear from the WIP dashboard.