Released today!!

In today’s bulletin pack is a bulletin that I have been waiting for since-well, for a while! Bulletin 4962-F. Those of you attending Lori’s Marketing Clubs this week and next will get to see a demo of the new WorkCenter IMG_2267Marketing Manager Mobile app for iPhone and iPad!!  It will, hopefully, remove reluctance to use WorkCenter Marketing.  This is an app that will make your COI updates so easy, so fast and have you on your way to your next stop before you know it!  The setup work will still have to be done, but the day to day work will be a breeze!!  In the bulletin, there is a link to a quick start guide.  Believe me, it will take you longer to tread the bulletin than to figure out how to use the app.  Unfortunately, it is for iPhones and iPads only.  Both work much quicker than having to update your day in WCM.