Office Space

Servpro Corporate has a new monthly webinar/conference call that is targeted specifically towards office staff.  Not Marketing, not Production, not Owners.  It is called Office Space and is a 30 minute call with great information.  It happens the last Thursday of every month.  September’s call revolved around the Xactimate Integration that is now available in WCO.  This access is pretty cool for those franchises that use the scoping function in DBM or even those that have created their own scope sheets.  These scope sheets can be transferred to WCO and subsequently to DBM.  Their use will make life so much smoother and easier to read!!  Why duplicate data entry?  Why would you want to waste time noting what was to be done on the job and then enter it a second time in your estimate?  If the job comes thru Xactanalysis or the call center, use the functionality to save yourself some time!!

I even got some new ideas on how to set up the templates.  These calls will be great just to listen to ways that other offices take care of things that your office might be struggling with.  Also got some information on things coming down the pike.