Referrals anyone?

Sat in on an interesting conference call yesterday.  The topic was everybody’s favorite, WorkCenter Marketing.  As I visited more and more offices this fall, I heard a familiar refrain; “the reporting is not giving us the information that we need.”  Yesterday’s call was addressing just that.  And if they (Corporate) can deliver what was discussed, I believe the franchises will be very happy.  The reporting will be much more robust and meaningful. Instead of missed calls, number of ERP’s, etc., franchises will actually have great reports tying revenue dollars to those calls.

The key to these reports being meaningful is the use of the referral field in the FNOL in WCO or DryBook.  This field is one that I have observed to be empty more times that it is filled.  It may require additional questions to the customer/caller in order to determine the true referral. I understand that might not be the easiest thing to ascertain, but it is an important piece of information. Those SMR’s that are using WCM should have their COI’s up to date.  This way when the office asks, the link can be made to the COI and ultimately the SMR.  I don’t think I need to explain why this is good for the SMR……….