You are never too smart…

Lately, I have been on the road more, visiting more and more franchises.  I always learn something from you!!

Recently, I learned something about DryBook Mobile.  You don’t need to have the address of the job written down on a piece of paper.  All you need to do is swipe to the left on the job!!  See below:

Pretty cool, huh?  Thanks, Janine!!


The other neat thing I learned this week was on the Office Space webinar call yesterday. There are drill downs (okay, hyperlinks), available in WCM that will allow the SMR to see what jobs are in production, what jobs have been billed.  There is an overnight lag involved; jobs billed today will show on the SMR’s dashboard tomorrow.   Check out the images below:

This image shows the two open jobs.   If the number is blue, the drill down functionality is there.



The above image shows the detail of those two jobs.  It will also indicate whether or not the invoice has been paid.  The assumption here is that WorkCenter is being used as it was intended.  I know, I know, assumptions sometimes get us in trouble….. Work with me on this one, please.

Just all kinds of good stuff this week.  All in the effort to make it easier for the franchises to complete a job file.  If good information goes into WorkCenter, good information will come out to help the process.