2017 Kickoff Video

SERVPRO TV has released the 2017 kickoff, hosted by Rick Isaacson.  It was a very informative episode.  It contained segments with Jeff Fields, Chad Lewis, John Sooker, Laura Williams Chris Layfield, Jennifer Bowers, Maria Young, Dave Loeb and Donna Dutton.  These names should be familiar to you as they are frequently the authors of many of the bulletins we read on a weekly basis.  They were full of great information for changes that will affect us all by the end of 2017.  Some sooner than others.  Big changes coming for WorkCenter, a certification program for office staff, not just sales and marketing staff or production workers,  and emphasis on Contents Tracking.

At the end of the segment, there were some new commercials along with some behind the scenes “stuff”.  Pretty good, actually.

Well worth the time to watch.