Servpro TV

Just watched the latest edition of SERVPRO Television.  There is a segment on WorkCenter Marketing and the WorkCenter Marketing Mobile App for iPads and iPhones.  WorkCenter Marketing and the WorkCenter Marketing mobile are two great methods for keeping track of COI’s and the information that has been left with them.  The Marketing Mobile app is one of the best products to come from Gallatin.  It is easy to use, quick to update and provides more history on a COI at a glance than does the desktop version.  I have heard from SMR’s that have made the switch to the mobile app and wondered why they didn’t switch sooner. Why spend the time to put your notes on paper after each visit, then have to allocate time either at the end of the day or the start of the next, possibly forget those details that are important, and take time away from your true function??  With the mobile app, you can update your visit in 60 seconds or less in your car!!!  Less chance of forgetting the important details that could lead to a COI contacting you in the future.

With the push this year on ROI, it makes sense to use the WorkCenter tools provided.  Everything is in one place, both office and marketing.  And, most of you have heard my mantra-Work Smarter, NOT Harder.  Nothing wrong with that!!