The Game Plan

The Servpro Industries Focus for March is The Game Plan.   In order to execute a great game plan, you have to have the tools needed.  We all have the tools we need in terms of DyBook and WorkCenter, both Office and Marketing.  If these tools are used efficiently and effectively, the franchise will see great success in its Game Plan.  Throughout March, each franchise has attended the Strategic Planning meetings in Norwalk.  When asked about utilizing WorkCenter, the answers have been mixed.  The predominant response has been, “we use it when we need to.”  In other words, for National Account work only.  WorkCenter Office and DryBook provide the tools to complete a job, pass the audit and shorten the time until the franchise receives a check.  These tools provide a process that can be used for EVERY job, not just National Account jobs.  Take the guess work out of the production crews’ process.  Using DBM (in the field) and WCO will ensure that every job is processed the same way.  Even with the addition of the Xactimate Integration, each job can be produced the same way up until it is time to create the Xactimate estimate.  If a job is local or self pay, it is easier to create an estimate from a pdf generated from DBM than having to decipher handwriting that isn’t as clear as it should be.  Think about the duplication of effort when the scope can be done once.  What is the value of that time?

WorkCenter Marketing is another tool that will help with the Game Plan.  “Soon”, there will be an additional tool that will analyze the data in WCM and give feedback as to the effectiveness of the franchise’s marketing efforts.  If the data isn’t in WCM, it will provide zero feedback.  Doesn’t it make sense to know if efforts are being rewarded in terms of volume? Also, if a franchise is spending money on Google advertising how can the ROI be measured?  If data is entered into WCO and WCM, these are easy questions to answer.

The Game Plan has been created.  It is up to each franchise how to use these tools to ensure their Game Plan is successful.