uh oh

We always talk about the updates that are made to software we use.  We are notified every time Apple updates our phones.  With the apps in the cloud now, we don’t even have to do anything to receive these updates.  Most of the time, we never even think of the “hardware.”  I learned the hard way that devices need attention too.  I was teaching someone how WorkCenter works on the iPad.  Changes weren’t being saved or the program wasn’t working as I expected it to, something along those lines.  Guess what? Version 2 iPads no longer update.  The latest iOS version that is out is 10.2.1.  iPad version is 9.3.  Nope, not gonna work.  The newest changes in the apps we use, WorkCenter, DryBook, WorkCenter Marketing Mobile, have updates that are intended for later generations of the device.

Gotta go see a man about an iPad…….