Following Directions

My habit since WorkCenter was released has become to regularly check the release notes to try and keep on top of the changes that are taking place.  The rate of change has slowed down of late but knowing that DryBook is being incorporated into WC “soon” has kept me looking just as frequently.  While at a franchise last week, I noticed a new option- PR Marketing-directly underneath Primary Contact.  Of course, I hadn’t checked the release notes that day-I was out on franchise visits.  If I had, I would have been able to tell the franchise to just ignore that for now.  It will be functional when the leads dashboard becomes active.  SERVPRO is just being proactive.  The default is to have the “No” button checked.  Best to leave it at that for now.

Just as a reminder to all, if the words “Release Notes” are in orange at the bottom of your WorkCenter screen, either Office or Marketing, click on them and you will be taken to Servpronet to the release notes page.  There you will be updated as to the changes that have occurred.  Once you have read the notes and go back into WorkCenter, the words will be green and you are up to date!!