A refresher course

How many franchises have heard of the monthly webinar called Office Space?  It is group specifically geared toward franchise office staff. Not Production, Not Marketing, Not Owners. The calls are usually the last Thursday of the month and last no more than 30 minutes.  I have been listening to the calls almost since the beginning.  Might have missed one along the way.  The webinars are recorded and can be found up on ServproNET under Office\Training\The Office Space.  The URL to sign up for the newsletter is http://tinyurl.com/sptheofficespace.  Once signed up, you will be notified of the webinar date and time each month.

Last month the topic was the Collections process and how to use WorkCenter Office to help.  It became apparent on that call that office staff is not as informed about WorkCenter office as they should be.   So yesterday’s webinar centered on the use and setup of tasks and work orders.

Tasks are things that are not time specific, like an appointment.  Tasks can include follow up calls, vehicle maintenance, warehouse work or catching up on training videos.   They are open ended as to completion date.  They can also pertain to a specific loss that the franchise is working on.

Your SSO will determine where you see these tasks once they are set up.  If your SSO is related to a production role, you will see the tasks on the scheduler.  If you have an office type SSO, you will see them in the upper left corner of your landing page.  They will be in the At-A-Glance box directly under the SERVPRO logo.  Franchise owners and office managers will be able to see all tasks that have been assigned in the franchise, those that have been completed and those that haven’t.

The blog isn’t the best place to show how to create a task, but if you contact me, I will be happy to show you how to accomplish this task…….. (Pun intended!)   🙂