We should all keep this in mind

The ultimate goal is to have every job done through WorkCenter Office (WCO) and Drybook.  There are any number of reasons for this.  First, if used correctly, it can be a tool that holds any and all information regarding a specific job.  Second, it will serve as a resource to plan for the future. Third, if it is done through DryBook, if the need ever arises to defend the work you did, the documentation is there.

Later this year we will have access to a data tool that will allow us to tie revenue to the “How did you hear about SERVPRO” field.  With the investment that franchise owners are making in Google marketing this year, or any other Web marketing for that matter, they will be looking for a return on this investment.  We should know how our customers find us. With this addition to our tool box, information entered into WCO will put valuable data into the hands of the franchise owner to evaluate whether or not the money spent is a good one!

But, the flip side of that is a big one.  If there is minimal data in WCO, meaning only required jobs, the data we get out of WCO is going to be less than helpful.  Therefore, we need franchise owners to be sure their offices are entering ALL jobs, not just National Account jobs.  Would you make decisions in your life based on half the information?  I know I don’t.  Why should your business be any different?