This week brings three days of training here at the Norwalk Training Center.  Tuesday is an area meeting for lower New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut franchises with Year End information; Wednesday will feature a Thermal Imaging class; and Thursday is ManagER Green training.  Even though WorkCenter is coming down the pike soon(Really, I promise!), ManagER Green will still be in existence and used until the official roll out.  Why continue to train on it you ask?  Well, firstly, it is part of the franchise agreement to use all Servpro required software.  Second, it will play a role in the conversion of information to WorkCenter.  To that end, I start each ManagER class by going through the “clean-up” process.  You say you don’t use ManagER Green? No problem!  You still edit the contacts that are in there to bring over to WorkCenter when the time is right.  There will be a utility to bring contacts over to WorkCenter. Make sure your database is as cleaned up as possible-you know, Garbage in , Garbage out!

If you can’t make this week’s training, fear not!  There will be more!