Work Orders can be emailed!

What happens when a new job is received in the office after the crews have already left?  Do you make a phone call and hope the crew chief has a clean piece of paper available to write all the information down?  Or do you take advantage of the functionality within WCO to email the work order to the crew chief?  Yet again another fantastic reason to have a Single Sign On set up for each and every crew member.  Once the work order has been set up and scheduled, it can be emailed directly from the scheduler.  Locate the appointment n the scheduler, right click, choose the Email option and if an email has been identified for the user, the work order can then be emailed.  The primary recipient must have an email set up within WCO(more about that later) but then additional employees can be cc’d , without having an email identified in WCO.  It will send a complete copy of the work order to the crew in the field.  This will save time as they won’t need to come back to the office.

To set up the email, a user with appropriate rights can edit the user under User Management(Preferences on WCO home page) and enter the email address.  See? Quite simple!!  You know me, all for working smarter-not harder.