Thank you for choosing SERVPRO®

Good morning.  Thank you for choosing SERVPRO, how can we help you?  This is often the first interaction the customer will have with your franchise.  Their perception of the franchise and its employees will be formed almost immediately with this short interaction.  Obviously, you want to put your best foot (or voice) forward.  The following link will take to you to ServproNET to the newly revised Telephone Operations Training Manual.  This manual should be reviewed periodically as a refresher and most definitely be given to brand new employees.  This will help to convey the same message and give guidance as to how to help with those customers who aren’t the calmest!

The manual will also give guidance as to those questions that should be asked in that first telephone call.  In my DryBook classes and WorkCenter Office class we discuss the FNOL.  The question often comes up as to whether the franchise should fill out a form or enter the information directly into WCO as they are on the phone with the customer.  My response is generally whatever the franchise or employee is most comfortable with.  You have all seen my typing skills (or acute lack thereof!), so you know what I would be doing!

Thank you for choosing SERVPRO.  Have a great day!