Finding your assets

Hard to believe that it is just about 2 years since we starting implementing WorkCenter.  I know, I can hear the groans already.  I completely get the fact that change tends to be hard.  Line forms behind me for that one.  We actually had a franchise try to get a job through audit that had been uploaded through ScanER!  TODAY!!!  By the owner!!!!  Now that is some big resistance.

A lot changed when WC began to get implemented.  One of the changes impacted adding equipment.  Prior to WCO, it was entered through DryBook Desktop.  Some poor soul in each franchise had to enter all the dehus, air movers and meters used by the franchise.  Depending on the size of the operation, this was a quick job, or not so quick.  When the switch to WCO came to be, Fixed Assets (Equipment) could now be entered through WorkCenter.  In fact, the ability to enter the equipment through DryBook was turned off.  You can now enter ALL of your equipment (specialty included) into WorkCenter.  You can even enter your vehicles.  Tasks can then be entered in WCO for employees to maintain all of this equipment (See what I did there??  🙂  )  SERVPRO Industries is trying to ease the processes in your franchise by having everything in one place.  Streamlining is good.