How am I doin’?

A popular former mayor of NYC used to open his press conferences with this sentence.  He looked to the press to get their opinions of his administration.  Most people want to know “how am I doing?”  WorkCenter Marketing can tell you and your SMR how they are doing.  I am finding that most franchises are using the default KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to measure their SMR’s success.  Or, in some cases, lack of success!  KPI’s are goals that you and your SMR set at any point during the year.  You are able to determine how many stops you want them to be making each week, how many square feet of ERP’s they should be doing,  how many marketing events they need to be attending, and revenue billed and collected each week.  Entering these goals will keep them visible to the SMR as they will be displayed on the home landing screen for each SMR.  The SMM will be able to see every SMR.  Remember, when you set these up, they are by the WEEK, not MONTH.  As the month progresses, WCM will take care of the calculations.   The Orange bar represents the goal and the Green is the actual.

Set the goals accordingly!!