Smaller and Smaller

Long ago, promises were made about being able to check on your business operations from a beach chair in Hawaii.  There were plenty of jokes about how “soon” that would be possible.  My favorite answer when somebody asks me “When” is “Eventually”.  You can attach any time frame to that word and be right.

Well, we have WorkCenter™ which allows you to do just that!  You can check on your operations from your iPad, or iPhone or even your desktop!  Go figure!  However, if that takes too long or gives you more information than you want to know, we now have WorkCenter™Office Mobile to complement our WorkCenter™ Marketing Mobile!!

Features of WorkCenter™ Office Mobile include:
 View the Work-In-Progress (WIP) Dashboard.
 Add/edit a First Notice of Loss (FNOL).
 Add supporting documentation as attachments to a new or existing FNOL.
 Add Job Diary Notes.
 Add photos.


Bulletin 5261-F was issued today with all the information you need to install this new app.  So get your sunglasses out and go find the beach chair!!