Next week

I am really excited about the area meetings next week.  Spencer and I have some great stuff to show and teach you.  Contrary to popular belief, Servpro Industries is not out to make life difficult for franchises.  There are some really great features in WCO that a lot of franchises are unaware exist.  I was at a franchise in early May that was unaware that the Work Order functionality is already in WCO.  The production staff was essentially recreating the wheel every night for their production crews.  Such a waste of time!!!  One of my pet peeves.    The Xactimate Integration is another feature that is hardly touched by our franchises.  Makes me crazy!!  Those of you who know me and have attended my training classes know that my philosophy is and always has been to work smarter, not harder.  Xactimate Integration will help avoid duplication of effort and entry.  I have also been playing with Xactimate Mobile.  Some franchises are already using it in the field.  When I showed this to the above mentioned franchise, they couldn’t believe that it existed and they didn’t know about it.  Again, anything to help streamline the job process, I am all for it.  

We will also have new things to show you regarding WCO and DryBook version 3.  So, summer is coming and I can bet that as a franchise owner, you can’t make a list very quickly of things that you would rather be doing.  Bring along your staff and learn something new to help achieve your goals!