Well, how about that!

For those who have attended the area meetings this week, you know Spencer Button from Servpro Industries was here teaching the Xactimate Integration and showing off the new features “coming soon” into DryBook and WorkCenter Office.  He also gave a great tip about adding and labeling photos in DryBook Mobile that can be used RIGHT NOW!  I didn’t even know this!!

One of the most common objections to using DBM is how long it takes to add photos.  Well!  He debunked that objection very quickly!!  If you are taking photos using the iPad as you are walking through the house, and it comes time to add them to DBM,  tap on the attachments tab, click on the plus sign to add Other Photos, choose all the photos of the room you want to ad, and after you tap Use photos, you can add the description. It will then name the subsequent photos incrementally.  So let’s say you have 6 pictures of the living room that need adding.  After following the above procedure, you will have Living Room 1.jpg, Living Room 2.jpg, etc.  Very quickly and quite painlessly!