Post Convention

The 47th Annual Convention in Seattle was full of new information.  For those that missed our area meetings here in Norwalk in June, the information was all new to you.  WorkCenter and DryBook Mobile will be rolling out new versions starting July 17.  Our trainership will be getting them later in the summer.  I believe all franchises will have access to the new production environments by the end of September.  Training environments can be downloaded starting July 17 at the Servpro app  When DryBook is rolled out, DryBook desktop will no longer be used for new jobs!!  There will be a tab in WorkCenter office that will be added to complete jobs.  So happy DryBook Desktop will be a thing of the past. I am hopeful that even importing a sketch will be easier.  Franchises will still need to complete any open jobs in DBM ver. 2 but all new jobs will be dispatched in DMB ver. 3.

The downside to the new version of DBM is that it works BEST on an iPad with a data plan-which will require an upgrade to most iPads currently in use…..The operating system on version 2 iPads stopped updating back in November!!  My suggestion is to upgrade to the most current version that your franchise can afford.  The minimum requirements for Servpro apps will only keep increasing.  Get ahead of the game before it becomes an absolute necessity.