DryBook Dates

As of now, most franchises are feeling more comfortable with DryBook.  Some are still struggling-quirky issues come up all the time- and some are simply checking the job out on the iPad and checking it back in to complete the job in DryBook desktop.  More on that at a later date.

Dates play an important role in DryBook.  One wrong entry date and it will haunt you for the entire job.  Make sure your FNOL dates are correct, as they drive the visit dates.  Any job diary notes should reflect the correct date as well.  In DryBook Mobile, the date will automatically default to today, right now for date and time.  You CANNOT  change the date on a job diary note in DryBook mobile.  If the date is not correct, it can be changed in DryBook desktop when the job is checked back in.

The initial inspection is another area that has the potential to haunt if the date is not right.  The initial inspection should be done the date equipment is placed, not necessarily the first time the customer is visited. If equipment is not placed that on that very first visit with the customer, the validation is affected.

Finally, when equipment is removed, be sure the date reflects the actual removal date.  In the exported drying workbook, the Equipment Usage chart needs to reflect zeros on the last day of the job.  We have had a number of rejections because of this.  When the paperwork is done after the fact, the potential to leave today’s date in the date removed field is very high.