Add it ALL!

Did you know that specialty drying equipment can now be used in DryBook?  You can place air scrubbers on the sketch and add other equipment to the job in DBM.  This means that you must add any and all equipment you want to use in DBM into WorkCenter.  This has prompted more than a few questions.  In WorkCenter Office (WCO) there is a dashboard labeled Asset Management Dashboard.  When this dashboard opens up, the natural inclination is to click on the Add New Asset button.  STOP!!!  Don’t do that.  First, click on Model Management.  You must first create the model you want to add.  Click on the Create New Equipment Model button.  Fill out the information requested to create the item and then click on the orange words Back to Asset Management. Once the model has been added, add your new equipment.  You can enter vehicles, meters, drying mats, air scrubbers, even hammers!

Once added, you can export the equipment information to Excel.  You now have one place to keep track of ALL of your equipment inventory.  Pretty handy, huh??