To all the doubters……..

I heard something very interesting, if not exciting, this afternoon!  Sometime in the next month, there will be a WorkCenter Training database made available to any franchise that is interested!!!!  This database will be available to those franchises wishing to dip their toes into the new web based Office and Marketing Center software.  You will get to familiarize yourself with the software by completing a scenario that will walk you through the program’s features before the regional roll out next year.  I will not be having any formal training classes until June/July of next year as WorkCenter will be updated often and probably look vastly different than it will when you first have access.  I will be dabbling in it the same as you.  Let me know your thoughts.  Remember, there will be many changes before the “Go Live” so what you see next month may not be there in 2 months.  As most of you are aware, DryBook has changed a bit(!) since we first started training on DryBook Desktop over a year ago…….

If you want to post comments here so others can share your experiences, or avoid them(whichever the case may be), please keep them positive.

And you thought it wouldn’t happen…….