Moving Equipment

A number of franchises have been experiencing trouble moving equipment between rooms.  Unless you do it the correct way, you will lose the day of monitoring and the day of revenue for the equipment.  I have been speaking with IS and Tech Support in order to get the details down on the right way to do some tasks.  Below is the sceanario and how to handle moving equipment between rooms.

During the first monitoring visit, 1 air mover & 1 dehumidifier are added to Childs Room. In the job, readings are taken on visit 1 and visit 2 for this piece of equipment. On visit 3 readings are taken on the Childs Room and then the equipment is removed from daily departure. Next, go back to validation and add the same dehumidifier that was removed from Childs Room into Master Bedroom on Visit 3. Once the job is checked into desktop the job is viewed through drying workbook. It shows only one dehumidifier across all days on the job. The Daily Equipment Tracking Report also shows this same information. When you go to create a fourth visit it only seeks dehumidifier readings for Master Bedroom. The issue that franchises could be running into is in validation. If you go and try to edit the piece of equipment and place it in Master Bedroom on the third visit then it will error. You have to remove it from Daily Departure on the monitoring visit and then add it back under Validation to the correct room to keep everything in sync.

I think the last part,  going back through Validation, is the part that franchises have been missing.  Try following the above next time you need to “reset” equipment.