Bulletin 4455-F

Well, it’s official. Servpro Industries Chart of Accounts in FMS matches the one that was issued in the bulletin dated December 13, 2013; Bulletin 4455-F.  You know what that means don’t you?  Each franchise MUST add these new accounts and items to QuickBooks prior to the end of this year.  I know some franchises have already completed this task, but I would bet there are a good number who, like me, were waiting to see what was going to happen at Corporate.  So yes, I too,  have to add the new accounts and items to my set of QuickBooks data. Make sure you delete or change those accounts indicated in the bulletin.  Be very careful when entering the accounts and descriptions.  Make sure there are enough spaces, apostrophes are in the right place, etc.  FMS is VERY, VERY PICKY.  If the accounts that are uploaded from your QuickBooks do not match exactly to those in FMS, they will  get kicked out.  What that means is that I have to make a decision about what is actually contained in that account and classify it correctly.  Sometime I guess right, and sometimes I don’t.  Accurate financials help us to help you get the most out of your efforts in your business.