Self Audits

Did you ever sit and look at something you wrote and think it looks great?  No spelling errors, no major grammar mistakes, and all the necessary words were there?  We actually had that happen in my house within the last few weeks.  My daughter Sarah wrote her college essay this fall. She started it over the summer and then continued to edit the essay through her English class at school.  We were filling out the applications on-line and I read the essay for the first time.  Looked pretty good, I thought.  Then my younger daughter, Emily,  read it and said, “You know you’re missing a word?”  That essay went through 3(!) people looking at it and none of us caught it.

That is the purpose of the Self Audit tool under the Compliance section of the  audit system on Servpronet.  Having a second person check a job file will ensure that points aren’t lost on things that are easily preventable.  Within the last few weeks, I have spoken to a number of franchises that gave the self audit a very quick glance and ended up red lighted for things that should have been caught in the self audit.  In new franchises or those with smaller staffs, it is hard, but necessary, to have a different person complete the self audit.  You know you attached the drying workbook or the Xactimate estimate so you accept the question.  Sometimes with technology, things don’t always go as planned. There have been many cases of a drying workbook not attaching correctly or a sketch doesn’t appear in the inspection report. If these items are not in the audit, the franchise will receive a lower score on the job file audit. And, with the emphasis on cycle time and scores, these are points you need to keep!

There will be webinars in the near future to help those franchises who are struggling, resulting in a redlight status. It will be well worth your while to spend an hour and attend. Memos will be going out soon.