See you tomorrow!!

Tomorrow and Saturday are shaping up to be full of interesting information for all franchises!  We have great vendors, terrific speakers and new applications on the verge of being launched!  Plus, it is always great to be around your peers and maybe gain new insight and breathe new energy into your franchise. Okay, so maybe some of you will visit a casino or something……Good Luck!

I am really excited to hear Jeff Fields’ presentation.  Jeff is the CIO at Servpro Industries.  He will be showing us the 2 sides of WorkCenter-Marketing and Office.  I can’t wait to hear what you all think.  I have been working with it for the last few weeks and I am very excited.  Everything in one application; accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection!  DryBook Desktop riding into the sunset A better marketing tool.  What’s not to love??!!  Jeff and Jason Wix will be here to answer any and all questions you may have.  ManagER Red(SOA) and ManagER Green(Sales and Marketing Center), both much loved programs, will bid their final adieu and make way for the 21st century!  Whew…….

See you at Mohegan Sun!