Saving money is always good!

Back last June, buried in our bulletin avalanche (!), there was a bulletin regarding royalty reports and invoice copies.  Anyone remember that one?  It was Bulletin 4995-F, dated June 13, 2016.  Part of that bulletin reads: Good news! The requirement to include the green copy of each invoice paid with your Royalty Report mailed to Corporate and the white invoice copy mailed to your Trainer will no longer be necessary beginning with work month June 2016 to be postmarked by July 10, 2016. 

In August, bulletin 5048-F was issued which alerted franchises to the fact that the pre-printed invoices are no longer required and that the QuickBooks invoice template is acceptable.  The template can be downloaded from ServproNET and imported into your database.  Be sure to unzip the file before importing it, otherwise, it won’t be seen when you try to import.   So, you can finish up your stock of invoices or you can begin using the plain paper version immediately.  Your choice.  You just can’t order anymore from Gallatin.

Any questions?  You know where to find me.